Getting Started (ebook)

Frederic Peyrot
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If you've always wanted to start a business but never had the time, courage, or idea, this book will guide you through the very first steps of how to get started and become an entrepreneur.

Why this book?

One thing I've noticed talking with people is that many have the desire to start their own project. Some people are thinking about it for many years. They even sometimes have an idea ready in the back of their mind, but they haven't found the time or courage to get started. So I figured that this had to be solved.

Instead of writing yet another business book on how to make your first million dollar, I felt that I should rather focus on the very first step. With this book, I want to help you unlock your potential and overcome your fears of getting started.

Why should you read this book?

If you feel stuck at a job you don't particularly like and want to live on your own terms,

If you want to start your own project but feel that you either have "no idea" or "too many",

If you give yourself the following excuses:

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I’m not ready enough”
  • “Now is not the right time”

Then this book is for you and you'll find the answers and tools to change your life. 

What you'll learn

  • You'll learn how to be the most creative person and how to generate new ideas all the time.
  • You'll learn how to choose the one business idea that has the maximal success potential.
  • You'll learn how to free time to kick start your project even though you think you're super busy.
  • You'll get a tool kit to start your business from day one.
  • You'll learn how to get rid of your fears of doing things outside your comfort zone.


"The book is short and to the point. I learned so much on how to structure myself in the first steps of a business."

Erik Sjoberg, Sophia Startup Academy

"Simple, practical and sharp! This book carries a great vision of how you should design your work life in today's economy."

Fabian Dubois, Data Visualization Consultant

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You will receive the ebook (~100 pages) in three formats (pdf, epub, mobi)


Getting Started (ebook)

0 ratings
I want this!